From the Director’s Desk: Lives Are Changing

Homelessness is hard.

The two young children of one of our guests have been talking a lot about going home. They miss their beds. They miss their rooms. They don’t really under-stand why they had to leave.

Sometimes, nighttime is the toughest for the mom because there are fewer distractions. And it’s hard to find the right words to explain to 2 and 3-year olds the reason they can’t go home. This translates into a rough night’s sleep for mom. Even though mom is working on a new beginning, a solid foundation, it doesn’t make those conversations easier.

But, every day that mom remains committed to her future – their future. Committed to the hard work it will take to rebuild what was lost. I look forward to the day this family will be together in their own home.

That perseverance amazes me, inspires me and reminds me our work is important. Each and every facet of Family Promise, each class, each staff member, each coordinator and each volunteer, each donor or program supporter shapes a person’s journey. Because of each of you, lives are changing.

Lindsay Moore, Director
Family Promise of Genesee County

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