Basket of Love: A Gift With Lasting Impact

Graduation Day is a very big day at Family Promise of Genesee County; it’s the culmination of hard work and dedication to saving and building a solid future. It’s energizing for staff to hear a family talk about their plans. From bedrooms and closets to yards and living rooms, they excitedly detail the possibilities for their new place. But, before any of the decorating happens there is typically cleaning and a trip to the grocery store to stock up on the basics. Knowing how costly those first trips can be, the Genesee County Chapter of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans decided to create a more than a dozen Baskets of Love for graduate families. A basket, pictured below, contains many items on that graduate’s initial shopping list

Since arriving in 2015, they’ve been given to every graduate. “What a blessing it was to receive the Basket of Love. It reminded me that genuine, caring people still exist. It gave my heart and spirit a wonderful uplift…God only knew that the new beginning of my family’s journey was going to be a challenge financially…I appreciate everything the Basket of Love provided for my family.” says Kim, a 2015 Family Promise of Genesee County Graduate. 2014 Graduate Katie says,”it was so much more than a basket filled with household cleaning products, toilet paper, paper towel and laundry soap. It was a symbol of extended support, encouragement and faith in our new beginning from people who genuinely care about the success of each of of us,” Katie and her family moved into their new home just before the baskets officially arrived so they were given one post-graduation. Just recently, two graduates, both on their own for more than a year now, shared stories of having used their tool kits! Linda, a 2016 graduate, says she looks at the basket and “I appreciate your kindness and generosity and I feel loved.”

To date, 21 families have brought baskets to their new homes. The impact those baskets make lasts long beyond the physical supplies. Families take to heart feeling they had receiving the basket,”It is the smallest things that will make the greatest impact and change within a family’s life, especially when it comes from the heart,” says Kim. We are nearing the end of our Basket of Love stockpile and are looking for new groups or individuals interested in putting some together. If you, or a group you’re connected with, is interested in putting together a Basket of Love for our graduates, please email us ( or call our Day Center (810-234-9444). We look forward to talking with you about making a difference in a graduate family’s life!

Pictured below: some of the contents of the original Basket of Love, put together by the Genesee County Chapter of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans:

Basket of Love content example:
Laundry basket/hamper
4 pack of toilet paper
1 roll of paper towels
Laundry detergent, 75 oz
Toilet brush and holder
Small 32 piece toilet kit
Tall kitchen trash bags
Dish soap
Dryer sheets
Assorted scrubbies (nylon, steel)
Toilet bowl cleaner
All purpose bathroom cleaner
Grease cleaner
Dust pan


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